Unique Rubber Textured Latex

Unique Rubber Textured Latex is a concept of latex with a unique texture entirely handcrafted and available by the meter. All patterns are individually designed and produced or chosen from exclusive manufacturers to guarantee the high quality of Unique Rubber’s handcrafted latex yard goods. And especially this is why it is highly interesting for latex labels, processing companies or private latex amateur craftsmen to use our latex yard goods. I also enjoy producing an individual pattern, texture or color exclusively for you.

Unique Rubber Collection

Unique Rubber stands for unique outfits made of handcrafted textured latex. No matter if you wear a Unique Rubber outfit at a fetish party, for a seductive evening or for an exciting and erotic everyday life, you will definitely make a positive and shiny impression and be the center of attention at every occasion. At your request, I also enjoy producing a perfect outfit based on your ideas.

Unique Rubber Individual Pieces

New and even more exclusive outfits, which often require several weeks of work until completion, are regularly produced for photo shoots and shows. These outfits are and will remain individual pieces because quite often colors and patterns which cannot be produced a second time are used for them. If you place great emphasis on having something really unique and exclusive in your wardrobe, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

Unique Rubber Vacuum Bodybag

The Vacuum Bodybag, which has been a popular product for years, has now been developed further. The new bag can keep the vacuum 100% permanently, even after switching off the suction device. Furthermore, the fit has been optimized so that it is comfortable even during long-term use. The Vacuum Bodybag as well as the inflatable articles are completely made of regular latex.

Unique Rubber always made to measure

Textured latex is a special kind of latex. It is thicker but also softer than “regular” latex. Because of these characteristics, standard sizes off the peg are not offered. As every outfit should fit perfectly and Unique Rubber wants to have 100% satisfied customers, every piece of clothing is made to measure. As thicker latex is less elastic, this is really advantageous. Everyone loving latex and wearing it for a longer period of time appreciates the advantages of customization and outfits made to measure.

Unique Rubber for your photo or video production

Can one also rent Unique Rubber outfits for photo or video productions? Yes, of course. All the outfits in the individual pieces section can be rented for a fee. In case you need a photographer for your project or you want to have stylish and high quality photos of yourself in Unique Rubber outfits, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks to over 10 years of experience in professional photography, you can trust in the fact that your ideas will be realized just as you wish. With regard to further details, I will be on hand for help and advice.
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Unique Rubber Individual Pieces


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